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At Home Fabs, production means reputation. Hence, no stone is left unturned to ensure quality work. Our strength lies in our ability to give our customers complete controlled facilities at all stages involved in the product development and production process, thereby ensuring innovativeness in design, quality in production and punctual deliveries.

We are equipped with latest electronic advanced technology machineries for production which consists of weaving, processing, embroidery, dyeing & processing machines to ensure complete satisfaction to our clients in the services that we provide. All fabrics can be treated to make them Fire-Retardant and Stain-resistant.

Adaptation of Technology

Our main strength is adaptation of our technology according to the needs and preferences of our clients. Our personalized Q.A. and customized services backed by efficient administrative setup are sure to satisfy everybody. Our Q.A. are fully trained. In addition we have control room which is functional 24 hours.


Machine Details :

Our company owns and planning to acquire a few more very shortly. Details are as below :

1. Weaving Machines : 84 nos.

2. Processing Machines : complete sets.

3. Stitching Machines : 35 nos.

4. Embroidery machines : 32 nos.

Other Facilities :

Production planning controlling for project monitoring
Export Department :
Tracking of Logistics
Q.A. Executives :
In all production departments
Customer care cell :
Assistance round o clock
Embroidery Department :
Avoid delay shipment delivery
Housekeeping team :
All production and office area
Design Development :
To hassle free development
Legal & compliance Team :
Various training program